• ADVANCE System

  • Portable and automated NCS / EMG system

  • Product No: NS-1036
  • Manufacturer: NEUROMetrix
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The new ADVANCE NCS/EMG system by NEUROMetrix has been on the market since 1996. NEUROMetrix is a NASDAQ listed company and offers great experience in neurophysiology, biomedical engineering and information technology. „The ADVANCE by NEUROMetrix offers ease of use, complete freedom of portability and automated collection of data. The results are uploaded to the large database in the US and reported back within minutes! A great device and fast results - with a complete and accurate Report to show!“. ADVANCE System reliability was demonstrated by performance data submitted in its 510(k) filing and reviewed and confirmed by the FDA. The reproducibility of nerve conduction parameters derived from computer based data acquisition and waveform cursor assignments was assessed in 15 subjects, 14 of whom had symptons of potential neuropathies. A total of 6,659 NCS parameters were measured and analyzed. The results quantified ADVANCE System reliability as the "between test" coefficient of variation and the "between session and test" coefficient of variation. The reliability of motor and sensory latencies, conduction velocities, F-Wave latencies and motor/sensory amplitudes were comparable to the benchmark studies. Furthermore, the ranking of reliability, whereby F-Wave latencies had the best performance and amplitudes the worst,was also consistent with the benchmark studies!


System Features

  • Standard nerve conduction designed for point-of-care setting
  • Immediate diagnostic and real-time, on-screen results
  • An intuitive touchscreen system for straightforward testing
  • Preconfigured electrodes for accuracy and standardization
  • A detailed results report
  • Designed for specific nerves and anatomic sites
  • Provides accurate and reliable nerve conduction data
  • Extensively validated in peer-reviewed literature


Technical Specifications


High Capacity Lithium Ion Battery for off-mains use

Memory storage

25-50 patient tests for remote and clinic use

Electrode configurations

Multiple options including preconfigured Biosensors for study standardization