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A lot of our customers purchase things online. Chances are, you’re one of them. While we love helping people setup their lab, write interesting papers and study the complex and mysterious physiology of the human body better, we want to make it easier for you to get the products you need to your workplace.

And that is why we opened our online store for you!

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Our online store is packed with features, which make it easier for you to order products from us. But that is not the only benefit you get when purchasing from us online. You also benefit from better prices!

Please be reminded, we do not make any quotations from our online store and hence the better prices only apply on online purchases.

So, now, go have fun browsing our new online store! Should anything be missing or you cannot find a product just send us an email to and we'll do our best to help you out.

Upgrade to E-Prime 3.0 at 40% discount! New

Would you like to upgrade to E-Prime 3.0? If you already have an E-Prime 2.0 license you can now upgrade to E-Prime 3.0 by purchasing an Upgrade License at a 40% discount! An Upgrade License is a full Single User License that requires a one-time validation using your E-Prime 2.0 license key. This allows you to maintain the use of both versions side-by-side! E-Prime 1.x, 2.0 and 3.0 can all be used side-by-side, allowing you to open and save experiments from previous versions in E-Prime 3.0.

This offer is only available until the end of December 2017, so get in touch now to upgrade you current version!

New BESA Research Version 7.0 New

Please look forward to the release of the new BESA Research version 7.0 this upcoming Spring 2018!
Upgrade your old BESA Research version to version 6.1 and enjoy a free upgrade to BESA Research 7.0 in the new year!

BESA Research Webshop 

Full license and upgrade prices will increase by 5% by 2018, so why not consider upgrading now to benefit of the great offer.

Upgrade Oct – Dec 2017 Upgrade 2018
Upgrade from version … Standard upgrade price 2017 Upgrade from version … Standard upgrade price (Proportion of full license)
    6.1 → 7.0 Free if purchased 2017, or 20% of 2018 price list
6.0 → 6.1 / 7.0 20% of 2017 price list 6.0 → 7.0 40% of 2018 price list
5.3 → 6.1 / 7.0 40% of 2017 price list 5.3 → 7.0 60% of 2018 price list
5.2 → 6.1 / 7.0 60% of 2017 price list 5.2 → 7.0 100% of 2018 price list


Upgrade prices for upgrades to BESA Research 6.1 are valid until the end of December 2017 - free upgrade once released to version 7.0 included!

Buy BESA Research Online 

Interested in getting the latest version of BESA Research at lower cost until December 31, 2017? Contact us at for more information or visit our BESA webshop page and order your license online today!


Arab Health 2018 New

NEUROSPEC AG will be attending the forthcoming Arab Health 2018 Meeting in Dubai, UAE. The conference will be held from 29 January - 01 February. Contact us via email at or via the Contact page to organize a meeting or just for a coffee. See you there and looking forward to it!

Stimulus Presentation with SuperLab Webinar - Register Today! New

We're excited to annouce the upcoming webinar about Stimulus Presentation and Event Mark Up with SuperLab webinar which will take place Thursday January 25, at 5pm CET.

Researchers rely on synchronizing physiology data with stimuli to provide insights on affect and emotion. Syncing event marks with visual and auditory stimuli is now more convenient than ever with powerful stimulus presentation software. Join BIOPAC for our next webinar as we provide an overview of the SuperLab Presentation Software and AcqKnowledge analysis synchronization.

During the webinar you will be shown the step-by-step process for setting up a stimulus experiment using SuperLab 5 Software. You will learn how to set up the necessary hardware, how to configure SuperLab with a variety of stimulus types (pictures, movies, text, sound, etc.), and how to sync hardware with SuperLab and AcqKnowledge to get great data. Plus, you’ll see a live demo of physiology recording with best practices on how to convert event marks from SuperLab into meaningful information for further analysis.



AcqKnowledge Stim Synchronization and Analysis Webinar - Register Now! New

We're excited about the upcoming webinar on the topic "AcqKnowledge Stim Synchronization and Analysis Webinar" which will take place Thursday February 8, at 5pm CET.

Researchers rely on synchronizing physiology data with stimuli to provide insights on affect and emotion. Syncing event marks with visual and auditory stimuli is now more convenient than ever with powerful stimulus presentation software. Join BIOPAC for our third webinar on stimulation as we tie stimulation event marks with physiology data AcqKnowledge analysis synchronization.

Once event marks have been recorded and synchronized with specific auditory and visual stimuli, analysis software shows how the subject responded. BIOPAC will provide a live demo of how to analyze physiological data recorded at specific event marks using AcqKnowledge software. We will also look at EDA and heart rate data and then analyze signals around these event marks. So make sure to register today for an exciting webinar!




BIOSEMI - ActiveTwo

BIOSEMI - bringing EEG and ERP to a new level with the original Active Electrode and ActiveTwo EEG Amplifier.

BESA - Research 6.1

BESA - the leading innovators in digital EEG, MEG and MRI software for research and clinical applications.


SHIMADZU - Next-Generation Optical Brain-Function Imaging with functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS)