New Hyper-Sampling ActiveTwo New

We're proud to announce the latest and only Hyper-Sampling EEG System with active electrodes! Equipped with 8 EX (external) inputs on the top and newest SAR (Successive-Approximation-Register) ADC technology this active EEG System can sample with an incredibly fast sampling rate of up to 262,144 Hz!

Its main application is EEG/ABR on subjects with cochlear implants, as cochlear implants generate vast amounts of high frequency interference covering the EEG. When the high frequency interference is sampled accurately together with the EEG, the interference can be calculate out of the signal and the clean EEG will be recovered. Currently, the high frequency interference is smeared out to lower frequencies in the EEG bandwidth, and EEG cannot be recovered. No other EEG amplifier can measure such a signal with this accuracy (fast slew rate, minimal ringing)!

Check out more information and technical specifications on the newest hyper-sampling ActiveTwo and contact us to receive a quote today!


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10 Reasons to Use New Smart Amplifiers New

BIOPAC Systems Inc. has just recently released their new compact Smart Amplifiers to the public and we are excited to have them in our ever-expanding BIOPAC repertoire.

So here are 10 reasons why you and your team should consider looking into and consider getting your own Smart Amplifiers!


1. Setup in three easy steps 

I. Attach Smart Amp to subject & plug Smart Amg into AMI100D.

II. AcqKnowledge detects Smart Amp and configures software.

III. Start recording great data. Smart Amp reduces Signal noise.

2. Premium signal quality

Smart Amplifiers are engineered for low noise and voltage, resulting in the highest-quality data. Attaching the amps close to the signals origin yields superior clarity for all supported physiological signals (ECG, EMG, fEMG, RSP, EDA, PPG, ERS, EEG, EOG, EGG, SKT).

3. Unparalleled comfort and ease of use

Lightweight with a durable 3-meter cable easily attaches to subjects and tucks out of the way. Subjects hardly notice they are wearing them. 

4. Compact technology 

Smart Amplifiers are high-performance research tools with superior signal quality. The small footprint means more space in the lab and less weight on the subject. Plus, they make transporting to remote study locations very easy.

5. Get the data you need

Adding derived signals (such as Heart Rate and RR Interval for ECG) is as easy as checking a box in the simplified software interface.

6. Advanced signal processing 

Smart Amplifiers include sophisticated hardware and software filters for optimizing signals, rejecting interference, and eliminating unwanted artifact. 

7. Wearable and comfortable 

Smart Amplifiers clip easily to participant's clothing. For enhanced convenience and flexibility, use the available self-adhering straps. 

8. Proven, time-tested software

Use BIOPAC's industry-leading AcqKnowledge Research Software to control, visualize, and analyze data. 

9. Shared components

Smart Amplifiers use the same lightweight electrode leads and transducers as BIOPAC's acclaimed wireless BioNomadix System. This allows you to easily mix and match Smart Amplifiers with existing wireless modules. 

10. BIOPAC is cited in over 32,00 citations and peer-reviewed scholarly publications

Smart Amplifiers follow the model set by BIOPAC's traditional 100C amplifier modules preferred by countless researchers and life science professionals worldwide.  

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We just uploaded a new video to our YouTube channel! New

This quick demonstration of the new DSI-VR300 is the first of many short demonstrations we have planned for our YouTube channel.



If you enjoyed this quick demonstration let us know in the comment section of the video or on our social media. If you would like us to make videos on any other systems or software let us know! If you want to stay updated with our newest uploads subscribe to our YouTube channel!



Biopac's New Eye Tracking Bar is here! New

Biopac's brand new Eye Tracking Bar is now available on our website. Combined with AcqKnowledge this Eye Tracker proves to be a powerful tool that enables an easy and intuitive way to recordanalyze and visualize data.

The Eye Tracker comes in a compact size. Smaller than your average keyboard this is a must-have tool for anyone wanting to implement eye tracking in their research.

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20 Years BioSemi! New

20 years ago, on September 1st, 1999 BioSemi was established as a university spin-off. They introduced the first commercially available electrophysiology measurement system to acquire EEG with active electrodes, battery-powered front-end and fiber optic data transfer to the signal processing computer.

Two decades later we are happy to see that BioSemi has established itself in the scientific community as one of the market leaders in their field. 

To celebrate this success, together with BioSemi we are offering a full spare electrode set on every Base system ordered between September 1 and the end of 2019.

20 Years BioSemi Discount:
- 1 free electrode set on a 32 channel ActiveTwo system
- 2 free electrode sets on a 64 channel ActiveTwo system
- 4 free electrode sets on a 128 channel ActiveTwo system
- 8 free electrode sets on a 256 channel ActiveTwo system


Arab Health 2020 - almost here! New

NEUROSPEC AG will be attending the upcoming Arab Health 2020 Meeting in Dubai, UAE. The conference will be held from 29 - 31 January and we would love to see you there. Contact us via email at or via the Contact page to organize a meeting or just for a coffee. See you there and looking forward to it!


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