• D185 MKII

  • MultiPulse Cortical Electrical Stimulator

  • Product No: NS-1010
  • Manufacturer: Digitimer
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Now used worldwide as an effective tool for intraoperative monitoring of the spinal cord, the D185 MKII is the ONLY standalone stimulator with FDA clearance for this application. The D185 MKII allows transcranial motor evoked potentials (MEPs) to be used in surgical procedures such as scoliosis correction, spinal tumour resection and thoraco-abdominal aortic aneurysm (TAAA) repair. The 1000V power source means that MEPs can even be evoked in patients with pre-existing neuropathologies. Recent design enhancements facilitate (external) control of the trigger settings, making it easier to interface the D185 MKII with various EMG systems. In addition, customer feedback has prompted the inclusion of an added polarity reversal feature. Please get your best price from NEUROSPEC AG today! Alternative Application: The brief high voltage output also makes the D185 MKII suitable for nerve root stimulation during differential diagnosis of peripheral nerve disorders such as multifocal motor neuropathy and motor neuron disease.




System Features

  • Allows intraoperative monitoring of the spinal cord.
  • Rapid assessment of the functional continuity of the motor pathways.
  • Easier quantitative assessment of evoked responses.
  • Interfaces with standard neuro-monitoring equipment.
  • User defined trigger facilities permit integration with popular EMG recording equipment.
  • Modified to incorporate user requests.
  • Short pulse duration ensures patient safety.
  • 'Special mode' allows conventional peripheral nerve stimulation and special stimulus timings.


Technical Specifications

Voltage range:

 0 - 1000 volts with 1k load impedance, adjustable with 10-turn control

Pulse duration: 

50 microseconds square wave

Output impedance:

120 ohms

Maximum current: 

1.5 amps peak

Current rise time: 

0.1 amps per microsecond maximum


Normal (Red socket positive) / Reverse (Black socket positive)


225 x 100 x 253mm, tilt feet and controls
Weight: 3kg (approx.)


100 - 120V or 200 - 240V @ 47-63Hz
Rating: <30VA