• DS7A / DS7AH

  • High Voltage Constant Current Electrical Stimulator

  • Product No: NS-1011
  • Manufacturer: Digitimer
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The DS7A provides constant current high voltage pulses of brief duration for percutaneous stimulation during investigation of the electrical activity of nerve and muscle tissue. The output current is continuously variable over the range 0 to 100mA. The DS7AH version, allowing currents up to 1A with a maximum pulse duration limit of 200µs, is also available. This model is offered to overcome the difficulties of stimulating deep peripheral nerves, or large muscles such as the quadriceps with large area electrodes. Appropriate output plugs (D185-OC1) are not supplied with the unit, but can be purchased separately from NEUROSPEC AG. The DS7A or DS7AH can be triggered by an external device such as Digitimers new DG2A Train/Delay Generator. For applications that require a higher output, Digitimer recommends their D185 MultiPulse stimulator which has been successfully used to stimulate spinal roots during peripheral nerve diagnostics and can be purchased from NEUROSPEC AG.




System Features

  • Measure the electical activity of nerve and muscle tissue
  • Overcome the difficulties of stimulating deep peripheral nerves
  • Pulse durations from 50µs to 2ms (DS7A) and 50µs to 200µs (DS7AH)
  • 100mA (DS7A) or 1A (DS7AH) constant current output from 400V
  • Flexible TTL compatible trigger options or front panel push button
  • Alternating Polarity control - a toggle switch on the front panel allows the stimulator to operate in +ve, -ve or alternating polarities during stimulation.  The alternating polarity mode ensures that there is zero net charge at the stimulation site.
  • Output connection accessories, including  plugs and cables and electrodes are also available


Technical Specifications


Selected by 10 turn dial and x1 / x10 switch;
DS7A: 0-99.9mA; DS7AH: 0-999mA

Pulse Duration: 

DS7A: 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000μs;
DS7AH: 50, 100, 200μs

Pulse Polarity: 

Three position toggle switch - +ve, -ve and alternating polarity options


Continuously variable from 100V to 400V


4mm shrouded, touchproof sockets (red and black) on 3/4" centres


100-120V or 200-240V (externally selected), 47-63 Hz, 12VA


Class 1 with Type BF applied part


EN 60601-1


225 x 100 x 255mm (w x h x d)


3kg (approx.)