• DS7AP

  • Muscle Locating Electrical Stimulator

  • Product No: NS-1037
  • Manufacturer: Digitimer
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The Digitimer DS7AP Muscle Stimulator is a variant of Digitimer's MDD CE certified and FDA cleared DS7A Constant Current Stimulator. Like the original Pena stimulator, the unit has been specially designed to meet the requirements of paediatric surgeons who need a reliable and easy to use muscle locating surgical stimulator when carrying out the Peña, "Pull-through" or PSARP anorectal reconstruction technique in children.



System Features

  • 50Hz fixed pulse frequency
  • 0-100mA constant current output from 100V compliance
  • Two pulse durations (200us or 500us)
  • Compatible with re-useable (G.PS2-P) and disposable (G.3604-00)  surgical bipolar stimulation probes for the Pena procedure - also available from Digitimer
  • Optional footswitch (D185-FS1) for hands free control of stimulation
  • Optional output extension cable (D185-HB4-2m) required for use with disposable bipolar probes (G.3604-00)


Technical Specifications

Pulse Duration: 

LO (200μs) or HI (500μs), two-position rotary switch


0-100mA, continuously adjustable dial

Compliance Voltage: 


Output Frequency: 


Output Enable: 

Toggle Switch (On is Up, Off/Reset is down)

Output Connections: 

4mm shrouded, touch-proof sockets (red and black) on 3/4” centres

Footswitch Connection: 

Rear Panel 1/4” mono jack socket (for optional D185-FS1 Contact Closure Footswitch)


100-120V or 200-240V (externally selected), 47-63Hz, 12VA