MP36R - Research System
  • MP36R - Research System

  • Flexible System for Life Science Research & Teaching

  • Product No: NS-1072
  • Manufacturer: Biopac
  • EEG EMG ECG EOG PSG PLETH Respiratory Airflow HR HRV
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The MP36R Research System from BIOPAC Systems, Inc. is a highly flexible and powerful system for life science research and teaching. The four-channel MP36R Research System is a data acquisition system with built-in universal amplifiers that can record a wide range of physiological signals (e.g. EMG, ECG, EDA, Pulse Plethysmography, Respiratory Effort, Temperature, Air flow and many more). Start with one of our Starter Systems, then add compatible SS#L Series Lead SetTransducersStimulation, and Gas Analysis hardware to match your research design.


System components

All MP36R starter systems include the following items:

  • MP36R data acquisition unit
  • Latest AcqKnowledge software
  • USB cable and power supply
  • Digital guides and manuals


BIOPAC's MP36R Packages 

MP36R Scripting Package

The BIOPAC scripting package (-BAS) ships with an MP36R Data Acquisition unit and AcqKnowledge software licensed for BIOPAC Basic Scripting, a scripting language development option. Use BIOPAC Basic Scripting to customize the AcqKnowledge display…control, automate, or consoidate AcqKnowledge functions…and increase standardization and consistency to improve the quality of data. Scripting allows for viewing of runtime variables, creating new script files and editing existing script files, triggering of individual script functions for testing and single step functionalities. Scripts are easily created within AcqKnowledgeand do not require programming experience, but a familiarity with scripting will certainly help. Commands are documented in the online reference library and Script examples and tutorials assist in the learning and development process. The scripting license is available for AcqKnowledge4.1 and above.


MP36R NTD Package (Network Data Transfer)

BIOPAC's Network Data Transfer system (-NDT) includes an MP36R Data Acquisition unit and AcqKnowledge software licensed for Network Data Transfer, a real-time network data transfer system. Network Data Transfer allows access to the data being acquired into a graph by AcqKnowledge for use in an external application; the computer used to run the AcqKnowledge process and the custom application may be the same computer. NDT is a basic method for allowing third party applications to tap into the data stream being generated by both the MP unit and AcqKnowledge during data acquisitions.

  • NDT provides networking facilities that allow for integration into a distributed application environment.
  • NDT provides basic control facilities to allow external applications to query and control the AcqKnowledge application state.


MP36R Developer Package (Enterprise, Windows only)

The fully packed Enterprise (-ENT) Developer’s system from BIOPAC comes with an MP36R Data Acquisition unit and AcqKnowledge licensed for BIOPAC Basic Scripting and Network Data Transfer, plus BHAPI and ACKAPI hardware and software API for software development. 


AcqKnowledge Acquisition & Analysis Software

AcqKnowledge is an interactive, intuitive program that lets you instantly view, measure, analyze, and transform data. Perform complex data acquisition, stimulation, triggering and automated analysis routines using simple pull-down menus and dialogs - no need to learn a programming language or new protocol.

ACQ Graph


System Features

  • Linked acquisitions
  • Focus Areas
  • Data Integration
    • Noldus Observer XT import/export
    • SMI BeGaze import/export
  • Animal ECG Boundary Detection
  • Pressure-Volume Loop Analysis – additional lcense required
  • User Interface Enhancements
    • Tabbed graph interface
    • Textual Value Toolbar on Graph Window
    • Selection Palette Button and Enhancements
    • Window Size Preference
    • Configure Number of Horizontal Measurements
    • Remove Text Annotations from Single Channel
    • Journal Dock Location Option
    • Linked Selections
    • Autoscale single or multiple channels
    • Pin window to top
  • Presets for Rate, Measurements, and Expressions
  • Channel Specific Grids
  • Multi-Channel Simultaneous EEG Analysis
  • Find Cycle Improvements
  • Media Capture – high frame rate camera support
  • Consolidated Hardware Support – MP150, MP36R, B-Alert, BioHarness BT
  • B-Alert Wireless EEG Enhancements
  • ICG Analysis Improvements


Technical Specifications

Electrode Check Resistance Range: 0-1 MΩ (Vin+ and Vin- to GND)
Analog inputs: 4 isolated channels (front panel CH 1–CH 4)
Sample rate: Max: 4 CH @ 100K s/second
Min: 1 sample/second
Trigger Input: Analog CH1-CH4 or Digital D1-D8 
Threshold: Adjustable threshold level with Positive or Negative Trigger
A/D resolution: 24-bit (before digital filtering)
Signal to noise ratio: > 89 dB min Tested at lowest Gain at 1,000 s/s with grounded front end
Voltage resolution: Gain dependent: 2.38 microvolts /bit (Gain 5) to 0.024 nanovolts /bit (Gain 50,000)
Storage buffer: 512 K
Input voltage range: Gain dependent: 400 microvolts to 4.0 Volts p-p
Input noise voltage: 9 nV rms /sqrt(Hz) and 0.1 uV rms noise (0.1 Hz to 35 Hz) - nominal
Input noise current: 100 fA rms /sqrt(Hz) and 10 pA p-p noise (0.1 Hz to 10 Hz) - nominal
Input protection: ± 1 mA/V current limited
Maximum input voltage: 4 V p-p (between Vin+ and Vin-)
Differential input impedance: 2 MΩ (between Vin+ and Vin-)
Software Filters: Three programmable digital (IIR) filters; automatic or user-adjustable
Hardware Filters: Fixed hardware low pass – 20 KHz
Fixed hardware high pass – switchable DC, 0.05 Hz, 0.5 Hz, 5 Hz
Common mode input impedance: (between Vin+/Vin- and GND)
DC: 11 MΩ
AC (50/60Hz): 1,000 MΩ
CMRR: 110 dB minimum at 50/60 Hz
Gain ranges: 5 – 50,000 (automatic preset or user adjustable)
Baseline adjustment: Gain (automatic or user adjustable)
5, 10, 20, 50: ±100 mV
100, 200, 500: ±10 mV
1,000 to 50,000: ±4 mV 
Electrode offset potential tolerance: Gain
5, 10, 20, 50: ±2 V
100, 200, 500: ±200 mV
1,000 to 50,000: ±80 mV
Serial interface: USB, Type 2.0 high speed 
Headphone: Drives 16-32 Ω standard stereo headphones 
I/O port: 8 TTL compatible inputs and 8 TTL compatible outputs 
Trigger: TTL compatible input and synchronization port – see External Trigger Inputs. 
DC input: Power input; requires 12 VDC @ 1 Amp. Use the AC300A 12 VDC @ 1.25 Amp power supply adapter to connect to any mains rated as 100-250 VAC @ 50/60Hz, 40VA. 
Fuse: 1.0 amp fast-blow fuse 
Dimensions & Weight: 7 cm x 29 cm x 25 cm, 1.4 Kg
Operating Temperature Range: 0 – 70 deg C 
Storage Temperature Range: -10 – 70 deg C 
Operating / Storage Humidity Range: 0 – 95% (non-condensing) 
Operating / Storage Pressure Range: 0 – 300 kPA
Analog Output Number of channels: 1
D/A resolution: 16 bits
Accuracy: ±0.01% of FSR 
Headphones - Output impedance: 50 Ω
Headphones - Output voltage: -10 V to +10 V 
Headphones - Output drive current: 5 mA max 


Please note: Important! This product is for research applications only. Not a medical device as defined in EU directive 93/42/EEC. Not designed or intended to be used for diagnosis or treatment of disease.