Sienna Ultimate
  • Sienna Ultimate

  • Hybrid PSG and EEG Amplifier

  • Product No: NS-1089
  • Manufacturer: EMS Biomedical
  • EEG EMG ECG EP ERP PSG PLETH FFT Respiratory Airflow
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The SIENNA Ultimate is a state-of-the-art hybrid EEG system by EMS Biomedical. It can be used for a myriad of different applications including Sleep (PSG)! The SIENNA Ultimate comes equipped with 64 inputs for either 32 bipolar or 64 unipolar EXG (including EEG, EMG, ECG etc.) channels, has an integrated Lithium-Ion battery, records data on up to 32 GB of storage and a SpO2 sensor interface. 
The amplifier is available both as a wireless as well as a wired system. For mobile acquisition, the amplifier is equipped with a battery pack. Real-time display of EEG data is available at the nurse station. 

The SIENNA Ultimate EEG Amplifier can be configured with headboxes for LTM, Sleep (PSG), 10/20 and numerical easily, simply by replacing the headboxes.
At 230g it is lightweight and has a patient alarm button as well as an inbuilt body position sensor to track a patient's movement.


System Features

  • External battery allows for long recording sessions in ambulatory mode
  • Up to 4kHz sampling rate per channel for 32 channel amplifier
  • Interchangeable headboxes for different applications including EEG and Sleep (PSG) 
  • 64 channel ambulatory recorder excellent for 24-hour epilepsy ambulatory monitoring
  • 2-way communication via built-in speaker and microphone (WiFi mode)
  • Movement Position sensor built-in
  • SpO2 sensor interface module (option) built-in
  • HD video capability (digital video option) - 2 cameras + digital zoom


Technical Specifications

Power Supply 5 Volt medical grade internal Li-lon battery
Dimensions 13 x 7.2 x 4 cm (Amplifier with headbox)
Weight 230g (Amplifier with headbox)
Memory 32 GB compact flash card
Interface WiFi/LAN (WiFi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n)
Number of Channels 32/64 channel upgradable up to 192 channel (three 64 channel modules)
Electrode Inputs 32 bipolar/64 unipolar (user-definable)
Input Impedance >100 MOhm
Maximum Input Range 7mV
Sampling Rate
4 kHz/channel (32 channel version); 2 kHz/channel (64-192 channel version)