• DS5

  • Isolated Bipolar Constant Current Stimulator

  • Product No: NS-1013
  • Manufacturer: Digitimer
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This isolated constant current biphasic nerve stimulator is controlled by an analogue voltage input which the DS5 translates into an isolated constant current stimulus (up to ±50mA), precisely replicating the shape of the input waveform. While It has been designed for nerve excitability research, the DS5 should be of interest to anyone wishing to control skin surface stimulation protocols via software/hardware combinations capable of producing a suitable input voltage waveform e.g semi-automated pain research or sensory threshold testing. The DS5 was developed in collaboration with Prof. Hugh Bostock (UCL, London) and can be used with his QtracW software (see below) for nerve excitability research studies. A series of Nerve Excitability Workshops are planned for 2014, please contact us for more details.



System Features

  • Up to ±50mA output from ±100V compliance, in 3 output ranges
  • Isolated constant current output proportional to an input voltage applied via BNC connector
  • Compatible with DAQ capable of producing a programmable analogue voltage output e.g those from National Instruments or Data Translation or Cambridge Electronic Design
  • Safety features ensure patient/human subject protection. Certified CE approved medical device


Technical Specifications


Bipolar constant current proportional to the input voltage

Output Ranges:

±10; ±25; ±50 mA for a full scale input

Input Ranges:

±1; ±2.5; ±5; ±10 V full scale


100V, 120V, 200V or 240V (externally selected), 47-63Hz, 35VA


Class I with Type BF applied part


EN(IEC) 60601


225 x 100 x 255 (w x h x d)


4kg (approx.)